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Mission Statement

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Mission Statement

East Alton Middle School has hired the best professionals in middle school education to help our students navigate their way through the twenty-first century and emerge as productive citizens with critical thinking skills, knowledge, and confidence.

Our purpose will be accomplished by continuing to stay at the top of the educational profession.  The teachers of East Alton Middle School will be knowledgeable of the latest research in their content areas, as well as 21st century learning.  They will offer solutions to problems facing our students’ and school’s success.  They will be empowered to always do what is best for students.

The students and staff of East Alton Middle School deserve, and will have, champions in their corners insisting they are being the best they can be.  This will be achieved through building positive relationships among all members of EAMS.  We will all become each other’s “corner man” providing insight for improvement or adjustments, suggestions on how to successfully implement those changes, and then be there to cheer and support them through the journey.

Alyssa Smith
East Alton Middle School


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