Dental and Vision Resources

Phone numbers & web site to find providers

Below are phone numbers to call to help find dental and vision providers in your area:

Doral is responsible for assisting clients in locating a participating dental provider in their area of residence. Clients can call toll-free at 1-888-286-2447 (TTY: 1-800-466-7566) for assistance.

The Doral Dental web site is . You can use the provider locator to find dentists that accept medicaid in your area. Click on “Find Provider ” on the yellow bar. The phone number for SIU-E School of Dental Medicine is 618-474-7000. Southern IL Health Foundation is another source for dental care, their phone number is 618-259-0354.

Families seeking eye doctors or vision services may call 1-800-226-0768 for help finding a provider in their area.